Where can Strategic Social Architecture be applied?

Strategic Social Architecture involves universal principles and can be applied anywhere EXCEPT where the goal is to oppress and rule other people.   The main principles of Strategic Social Architecture are diametrically opposed to the concepts of gaining power over other people.

Recall that the main premise of Strategic Social Architecture is that the characteristics and behavior of the people in a society determine the characteristics of that society.    This means that the goal of any application of Strategic Social Architecture in implementing a social order would be to ensure that the people have the highest possible level of social engineering training and ethical training.    A society filled with ethical people who understand the social systems is not going to permit psychopathic oligarchs to create and occupy positions of power.

Strategic Social Architecture can be used to design new social orders which can then be implemented by creating new societies from the from the ground up.

 Strategic Social Architecture  can be used  to design new social orders and then create roadmaps for changing existing social orders into the new social order.