Priority of Social Engineering in education

Surely you are aware that the American sheeple are trained and indoctrinated in the American education system primarily to “get a job”.  Such an expectation and the resultant educational system creates workers for business and industry, not citizens who have the background, training, and skills necessary to exert control over their social order.    Exerting control over their social order means exerting control over the social systems in which jobs exist.     What is the point of getting a job only to have the people in the upper class destroy the fabric of the economy out of greed and then lose that job?  

Democracy is described as “a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and exercised directly by citizens.   In modern times it has also been used to refer to a constitutional republic where the people have a voice through their elected representatives.”

In either case, a citizenry who are not alert, knowledgeable, and possessing of essential civic skills cannot exercise appropriate political power.   Voting in any capacity, either directly ( democracy ) or indirectly ( representational/constitutional republic ), is like giving car keys to someone who does not know how to drive an automobile.   When they crash the vehicle, who would be surprised?  In the case of our society, when the population elects officials into a system of corruption and bribery, and those officials then cater to the needs of the upper class and the oligarchs to the detriment of the general population, then the people have crashed the Republic.

This being the case, are not social engineering, civic responsibility, and political science not as fundamental to an education as the ABCs?   .  Without this fundamental training, Horace Mann’s reference below to “a Republic devoid of intelligence” is ensured.  Yet these areas of study are relegated to the status of electives.

 As Horace Mann said in Report No. 12 of the Massachusetts School Board in 1848:

  “Hence it is, that the establishment of a republican government, without well-appointed and efficient means for the universal education of the people, is the most rash and fool-hardy experiment ever tried by man.  Such a Republic may grow in numbers and in wealth. As an avaricious man adds acres to his lands, so its rapacious government may increase its own darkness by annexing provinces and states to its ignorant domain. Its armies may be invincible, and its fleets may strike terror into nations on the opposite sides of the globe, at the same hour. Vast in its extent, and enriched with all the prodigality of nature, it may possess every capacity and opportunity of being great, and of doing good. But if such a Republic be devoid of intelligence Such a Republic, with all its noble capacities for beneficence, will rush with the speed of a whirlwind to an ignominious end; and all good men of after-times would be fain to weep over its downfall, did not their scorn and contempt at its folly and its wickedness, repress all sorrow for its fate..”

 The citizenry must monitor and control their social order, regardless of the political framework.   Without the proper education, they will never be able to do this.   Social engineering is not a hobby any more than any other field of complex systems study is a hobby.

 The American social order has been subverted by and is now dominated by a small segment of society who have molded the structure of government and industry into a holistic framework ( the classic definition of fascism ) through which they control the lives of the general population.    Without the proper education and training in the fields of study which will enable the citizenry to see and understand this framework the citizenry will never be able to exert the kind of social control envisioned as the essential component of a democratic society.

 Warning of this fascist framework was provided by President Abraham Lincoln in 1864 in the following manner:

 “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

Our society has in fact arrived at this point.  And the single enabling reason why we have reached this point is that the citizenry is mainly concerned with “getting a job” and leaving the affairs of state to a small subset of the population.   This is not democracy.   This is not constitutional republic.   This is oligarchy.

 It is well known that the corporate-governmental framework took on a new and more virulent form after World War 2 with the establishment of, as President Eisenhower called it, “an military-industrial complex…”.  It is well known that the most powerful corporate entities are comprised of the financial, energy, defense contracting, and heavy construction industries.

 As President Eisenhower says in his farewell address “Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals…..”

 The problem is that the citizenry is prevented from being alert because they spend the majority of their time and energy working at their jobs, trying to make ends meet, being distracted by the entertainment and commercial advertising industries, being manipulated into unnecessary conflicts among themselves e.g. racial, gender, age, religion, nationality ( conflicts which are artificially created and continually aggravated through the media systems), and seeking to fulfill their artificially created need for more and more material goods.   This leaves the average person no time or energy to spend on being "alert" to the implications, ramifications, and causes of social events or doing the research to find out what is really going on in their society.    

Additionally, the citizens are "educated" in the school systems which are supported by and serve the interests of the business class.   People receive a type of education which prepares them to "get a good job" and "be a good worker".   The focus is on providing labor services to the business class, not on acquiring skills in how to understand and control their social order.  The student learns history which has been slanted to hide the activities of the oligarchs who control the wealth and political power in the country.    The scope and breadth of corruption, exploitation, and abuse of power in history is played down, glossed over, or simply not communicated.   Which is why most American citizens have no knowledge of the role of the American government in places like the Philippines, Panama ( where the country was artificially created through use of the American warship the USS Nashville and the US Marine Corp), Latin America, Russia ( where 100,000 American troops were landed ), or Iran ( where the American CIA orchestrated the overthrow of the democratically elected
Premier Mosaddeq )

The result is that the "knowledge" of the average citizen is not based on reality but on a cultural mythology that results in most citizens having the belief that the institutions which control the society e.g. government, corporations, religion, etc. are in place for the good of the general population, which is completely untrue.   The general population waits for the president and congress to do something to fix whatever social problems arise.   Hence the average citizen does not seek to understand what is really going on and is demoralized and discouraged from trying to find out or do anything about it if they do find out.

The fact is that it is the oligarchs control the government and the economy, and not the general population who control the government and the economy.   Protest against the system is channeled into avenues which cannot and will not change the system.   The concepts of "free speech" and exercising “political power through voting” are simply charades that serve to give the average citizens the illusion of independence and freedom with the added benefit of providing an emotional buffer against their natural aversion to the reality of their enslaved condition.

 It is these issues that an education should prepare a citizen to address.

 Finally, the type of people that a social order produces are the people who produce the social order.   The people often referred to as being the ones who should “wake up” are products of the education system in America.  You know as well as I that the façade of American society and the reality are diametrically opposed.  And those with power, from the local selectman all the way to the president, have already bought into the system as it is.   They are not going  to "wake up".     

The general population, programmed by religion, education system, political system, and the media system  to be "workers" and to leave the management of the social order to the upper class, are not going to "wake up" either.    Because it is not about "waking up".   It is about taking the time to learn what social engineering is, how it has been done in the past, how it is being run today by the oligarchs of the united states, and taking on the responsibility to rebuild the social order as a true democracy, not a oligarch controlled republic.

Americans are not going to wake up.   They are going to die by the thousands and deny anything is wrong right up until death is staring them in the face, just like they did during the great depression and just like they always have.