Personal responsibility to effectively monitor and

maintain the social order


The SSAF view

As noted in the material Personal Responsibility to Discover Truth, it is the responsibility of every citizen to be alert and knowledgeable about their social order.   Only in this manner can they exercise political power in a manner that has any meaning or effect.     

SSAF supports the ability of the citizen to become alert and knowledgeable by providing the citizen with the training and background in how to understand the methods of information control which are used by the oligarchs, understanding of the nature and use of propaganda, skills in information examination, validation, and evaluation, and skills in information research to discover truth.

Ideally, all citizens would receive this type of training as part of their normal education.   But this is not provided through the educational system because having an alert and knowledgeable citizenry would result in a population which could not be controlled ( enslaved ) by the wealthy and powerful oligarchs.


Currently, the general population gets it's information on events and issues in the social order through media systems which are under the control of the wealthy and powerful.

This control is exerted through subterfuge, obsfucation, and outright blackmail.    The concept of a "free press" is completely compromised when journalist and other "news professionals" are only promoted, rewarded, and retained when they report information in a manner consist with the ideology and interests of the ruling class.    In this way the ruling class can say "we are not controlling what is reported".     Yet people who report information that the ruling classes do not want the general population to know are discourage through lack of promotions, poor assignments, low monetary recompense and in extreme cases, loss of employment for "poor performance".

The insidious manner in which information delivery is manipulated is very well exemplified in the use of video news releases.   Video news releases or VNRs (also referred to as fake TV news) are segments designed to be indistinguishable from independently-produced news reports that are distributed and promoted to television newsrooms. TV stations incorporate VNRs into their newscasts, rarely alerting viewers to the source of the footage. While government-funded VNRs have been most controversial, most VNRs are paid for by corporations; non-governmental organizations also put out VNRs.   The result is that the average citizen is watching the news, believing that the "free press" is providing "watch dog" services by reporting real and true information about the social order, when they may in fact be watching nothing but propaganda being put forward by government, corporate, foreign governments, wealthy individuals, or anyone else who has the money and power to create a VNR and have it reported through the mainstream media.

This type of activity at best pollutes the knowledge-well in the general society and at worst is used to directly manipulate the opinions, emotions, and the behavior of the general population, not only in the united states, but throughout the world.  The scope is world wide because "news" is reported globally through the media system.

Much is made in the society about the role of a "free press" in providing information to the general population so they can make "informed" decisions.    However, with a large number of the journalists compromised or paid off through the "middle class" system, the knowledge-well being polluted by "propaganda", the inability of the average person to have the time or training to do the research necessary to discover the truth, and the average person being discouraged and demoralized by the system from any attempts to discover the truth, the concept of a "free press" being essential to the functioning of a "democracy" is patently ridiculous.