Shared Worldview


Key concepts:


A world view (or worldview) is a term that refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which an individual interprets the world and interacts with it.


A Shared World View refers to the framework of ideas and beliefs through which a group of individuals interpret the world and interact with it.


In any society individual perception over time becomes social reality.  This is the logical realization of the “intent in the design” of the society.  What the people THINK determines how they ACT which determines the SOCIAL REALITY.


A new society can only come about by establishing new thought leading to new action leading to new social reality.


This section of the site is focused on elements our shared worldview of the current state which leads to our shared world view of  what our thoughts, actions, and resulting social reality will be.


Key elements of our shared worldview


·         Understanding of how cultural conditioning is installed in people’s minds


·         Self Awareness of cultural programming in one’s own mind


·         Awareness and understanding of disinformation techniques used to leverage cultural conditioning and control  the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of the masses.


                                                                        Why we are here.

The danger from the existing social orders is increasing and threatens all of us.   We are seeking other individuals who have taken the time to research the situation and see what is going on.  Our goal is to work together to protect ourselves and our families by developing and establishing a new social system.

We are not trying to convince anyone of anything.   We are trying to find others who understand the true nature of existing social systems - oligarchy implemented through manipulation, exploitation, oppression of the general population – and who want to take actions which at the personal level mitigates the threats from the oligarchy and at the social level builds the foundation of a society where independent thought and personal responsibility for the social order is the primary goal.

The situation as we see it.

The root cause of social distress is the presence and activities of a certain type of human being.  The set of behaviors and characteristics of this type of human being include, but is not limited to, the set of behaviors and characteristics currently used by medical science to describe psychopathy.  An individual psychopath causes local damage, i.e., damage to those they directly come in contact with.  A psychopathic oligarch is a psychopath who is in a position of power in a society, i.e., positions in government, religion, corporations, or other organizations.  A psychopathic oligarch can cause destruction disproportionately to the amount of power they have.  They start wars, destroy economies, and create destructive organizations and ideologies.

 Our perspective of human society is based on a model showing psychopathic oligarchs, the control mechanisms they use and which insulate the oligarchs from retaliation from those they exploit and abuse, and the organizations of human beings such as (governments, corporations, religions, etc.) which they control and through which they control vast numbers of the human population.

 Our solution to this problem is based on a new social architecture.  The architectural concepts which we use are described in a body of work called Strategic Social Architecture.  Strategic Social Architecture provides the framework, principles, goals, and methods for the social engineering effort.  The Strategic Social Architecture Foundation is an organization of people dedicated to creating a worldwide community based on the principles of Strategic Social Architecture.

  Our approach is to use logical methods of analysis to create models which describe the social situation.  The models taken together document our understanding of the actual, or implicit, architecture of current societies and using these models we derive a common social perspective and worldview that members of Sthe trategic Social Architecture Foundation share. These models are then used to prepare solutions and courses of action.

 The ultimate goal is to create and maintain human beings who have the background, training, and motivation to implement a true "democratic" society where the population has realistic and effective control of their social order.

To reach this goal our approach is to look at the history and events of human society, examine the materials available that discuss the causes of the problems that human society experiences, and develop models and perspectives which allow us to clearly identify the root cause of the social problems.

Based on this analysis we are able to form a world view that describes the underlying influences that control human social activity.     From our shared world view we have developed a solution for the creation of a strong, sustainable, social order focused on providing benefit to the citizens and not focused on taking the life energy of the general population in order to enrich and aggrandize a few.

The new social order is based the idea that all the citizens of the society will have a complete and accurate understanding of the social architecture and through that understanding they can exercise realistic and effective control of their social institutions.

The purpose of the Strategic Social Architecture Foundation is to find people who share our world view and work together to create a better society which will, over time, resolve the social issues.   Our focus is in implementing a solution, not on rehashing the good work that has already been done in detailing the past and present social issues.

The Strategic Social Architecture Foundation is specifically focused on a solution based on the premise that the people, each individual, are the bricks of the society.  The sum of all their characteristics is the nature of the resulting social order.   Therefore our intent is not primarily to create a new social system.  Our intent  is to focus on the methods required to create highly educated, self aware, ethical, and moral human beings who will in turn form a social order with ethical and moral characteristics.  We fully understand that "ethics" and "morals" are subjective and that there is no universal, objective reference point for these concepts.   We define our "ethics" and "morals" using the principles of our social architecture solution.

The solution we have arrived at is based on a social architecture framework.   The architectural concepts of this framework are described in a body of work called Strategic Social Architecture.    Strategic Social Architecture provides the framework, principles, goals, and methods for the social engineering effort.  Spectare Veritas is an organization dedicated to creating a society is based on the principles of Strategic Social Architecture.  

It is our view that in order to deal with the problem you have to be able to identify the problem.   Treating symptoms of the problem is like fighting a fire in an apartment building by only dealing with the conflagration in one room.   While you may be successful in that room, in the meantime the building burns down around you.   

Strategic Social Architecture uses logical methods of analysis to create models which describe the social situation.  Taken as a whole these models provide a description of the common social perspective and world view that members of the Strategic Social Architecture Foundation share. These models are then used to identify problems and define solutions and courses of action.

Our world view includes a model of social control systems which are controlled by psychopathic oligarchs.

Throughout history there has been the ongoing theme of a battle between the "haves" and the "have nots."    There are repeated accounts of a never ending conflict between the "forces of tyranny and oppression" and "the people" or "the masses."     Wars, genocide, religious conflict, and economic strife, all based on this one central theme.

We approach this history with a different perspective.    Most if not all accounts and histories talk in terms of institutions such as religion or governments or governmental systems.   Talking about these events in this manner serves to hide the simple fact that the source of this battle is people, not institutions, governments, or other types of organizations.  

Governments are not some kind of mindless natural force.   Governments are directed by and implemented by people .   The same goes for religions and corporations.    Using terminology like "the government did this" or "the corporation did that" obscures the view of who is actually responsible for the actions of these organizations.   When people who are part of these organizations perform oppressive murderous actions, the key is to ask the question "what TYPE of PERSON is performing these oppressive behaviors and what TYPE of PERSON is giving the orders?"    The answer to that question is the answer to the question of all human suffering at the hands of other humans in the social context.

This perspective can be summarized in these points:

People with a certain set of characteristics cause conflict and destruction in human society.

These people are by nature deceptive and able to hide in the general population.

These people are adept at gaining power over other people and groups of people.

The set of behaviors and characteristics of these type of people includes but is not limited to the set of behaviors and characteristics currently defined by medical science to diagnose psychopathy.

These people can infect other people with these behaviors and characteristics.

In the simplest terms at the level of the individual, the individual psychopath who murders, tortures, manipulates, exploits, and abuses can be found at ANY level of society.

At the social level, psychopathic oligarchs infiltrate governments, religions, and other organizations, cause conflict, reap benefit from conflict, hide in the confusion of conflict, and emerge to reestablish control after the social convulsions have passed.  There are many many good works out there that describe this problem.  These type of people are a characteristic of human society and will compromise ANY type of social system.    No social/economic system will work ( for the benefit of the people ) if psychopathic oligarchs are in control.  Democracy, Socialism, Communism, Populism, Republicanism, Dictatorship, Monarchy, all these social systems have been and will be compromised by these type of people.

The basic model for psychopaths at the social level is

Oligarch -> Control Mechanisms that oligarchs use and which insulate oligarchs from retaliation from those they exploit and abuse  ->   Government or organization which serves to implement and enforce the will of the oligarchs.

It is important to state in the beginning that we believe that the populations of the world are held in bondage through cultural programming systems which are managed and controlled by psychopathic oligarchs.

How can we identify these people?  What do we call them?  How do we protect ourselves and society from them?

If you have a visceral understanding of these concepts, continue on to review the material on our website and email us to find out more information and join our dialogue.