Strategic  Social Architecture

Key Concepts:

Architecture and engineering approach to social design and maintenance

            Analysis and design methods applied to  social context

Techniques that are available and usable by everyone in the population       

Strategic Social Architecture is an approach for creating a social order based on the development and support of people with specific characteristics defined by the participants.  The fundamental characteristics of the citizens of an SSA based society are effective self awareness, social responsibility, and resistance to psychological manipulation.

This conceptual solution is not drawn from nor does it correlate with any previous social architecture due to its focus on the characteristics of the individual as the essential component and driver for creation and maintenance of the social order

Strategic Social Architecture is a social approach, not a social system.

The main principle of Strategic Social Architecture is that the sole mission of the social order is the creation and training of individuals who CAN run their own social order and who have characteristics which will not allow them to turn into or allow themselves to be dominated by psychopathic oligarchs.

The people, each individual, are the bricks of the society.  The sum of all their characteristics is the nature of the resulting social order.

It is the people involved who will finalize, complete, and implement a society based on the Strategic Social Architecture approach.  This approach is in keeping with the new paradigm where the citizenry actually has full understanding, responsibility, and control of the society in which they live.

An architecture for a social order which will:

1)     Create human beings who have a set of characteristics defined by the participants, not implanted by a pre-existing social order and its cultural programming mechanisms.


2)     Provide citizens with the processes and tools necessary to detect and neutralize psychopaths/sociopaths and the destruction psychopaths/sociopath cause in society.


3)     Provide the groundwork for the creation of a global human society which will have defined characteristics i.e. universal health care, peace, etc.


4)     Provide the framework for a social order where people can successfully work together to mitigate and eliminate the threats we face today and into the future.