Developing the SSAF perspective

The general process that we have followed and through which we have reached our shared worldview is described in the Approach for fundamental social change.    This article is intended to provide more detail on the process.   The goal is to enable the reader to understand how we arrived at our worldview and help determine if the reader's worldview is compatible with ours.   

The steps of the "self and world awareness" process:

1)   Reexamination of information provided through the cultural programming  systems:  education, religion, political parties, family, and media ( books, movies, music ) to filter out fact from

2)   Discovery of the covert ( implicit ) social architecture.    How does the social order actually function as opposed to how it is presented or appears to function?

3)   Examination of the manner in which a individual's cultural conditioning is being used against them.    How are the ideas and concepts of the person's worldview is used by politicians, corporate advertising, religious figures, etc. to manipulate the attitudes of the individual and thereby influence or control the individual's behavior?


4)   Development of a perspective that views all events and information in a holistic and comprehensive social context.

5)   Developing a solution and a course of action based on the holistic view rather than on any one aspect of the worldview which becomes apparent when all the information is examined and evaluated.  
Treating the symptoms without eliminating the disease will not be successful.

Let's examine each of these steps.    In each case we provide a sample list of information sources which the reader can examine for themselves. 

Keep in mind that we are not trying to convince anyone of anything.     We are not trying to present an argument or defend a position.    Considering the good work that has already been done on each of the subjects, at best such an effort would be redundant and at worst such an effort would be so massive as to be unusable.    


Our perspective is one that looks at many of the works that have already been done, adds our personal experience and the experience of others, and evaluates the total to discover a common theme, a root cause.    So it will be left to the reader to do the research necessary and evaluate the information in order to develop their own perspective.

Reexamination of information provided through the cultural programming systems:  education, religion, political parties, family, and media ( books, movies, music ) to filter out fact from propaganda.

This step in the process is usually triggered ( at any age ) when the "answers" provided by the social programming systems fail to provide the individual with the expected results.      The individual begins to question the cultural belief system usually in the area where the failure occurs i.e. religion or political party.    Unfortunately, the degree to which this reexamination occurs is directly related to the degree of failure of the cultural programming.  


For example the individual may have received extensive religious programming which states that women should be subservient to men.    The women's "success" in this type of culture ( as exemplified in the fundamentalist christian religious system or the Islamic religious system ) is how well she performs in her service role.   Within that culture the woman may never question the religious directive.   However, if she is exposed to a culture where women are not subservient to men, and those women appear to be successful ( i.e have similar status and power as men ) she will question the validity of her programming.    


She begins to reexamine what the effect of the religious directive has on her and may come to see that she is held in bondage by an ideology that has been inplanted in her mind through the religious cultural programming system.   But it will take years for her to understand the affect on the social order from the religious system.   I.e. affect on what is taught in schools, how the family unit functions, what political parties hold power, how history is written, how books, movies, and music are created.    


How far she can go in this process is determined by many factors including her personal abilities, her access to resources, the depth of her cultural programming , how effectively the cultural worldview has been integrated into her personality, the support or hindrance of family, friends,  and peers as well as other factors.     Further, she may only focus on the religious aspect and see that alone as the problem.   


Many many people follow this course.   They begin questioning one area but never manage to see the larger picture by understanding that ALL areas of cultural programming are suspect at best and need to be reexamined.


A perfect example is the declaration of independence of the united states.   It starts out quite grandiosely with “We the People..”.     However, the people writing it were white land and slave owning males who were among the wealthiest people in the country.    Further, there was no majority consensus among the population of the country at that time for independence.     The “founding fathers” spoke of freedom and justice out of one side of their mouths while owning slaves and supporting the oppression of women as a matter of course.   


Yet the average American is feed a steady diet of this type of information and never questions the inherent contradictions between what is being said and what is being done.    Worse no thought is given to the ramifications of these type of behaviors i.e. if the reference to people did NOT include slaves, minorities, or women, then what does that mean regarding the architecture of the government of the united states?   Was it even intended to be controlled by the general population and if not then who exactly was supposed to control it?   The answer to that question sheds light on the history of the actions of the government of the united states from its inception up to the present day.

However, what if there was a defined process for this type of "self and world awareness" development?      What if the person had a model of the social architecture to work from?     Better, what if the person had the understanding of what social architecture is and how they can use the methodology of architectural science to develop and maintain a model ( an architecture ) of the social order which then can then use to SEE what the social reality is and make decisions accordingly?   This is fact what Strategic Social Architecture is all about.   To make this methodology available to the AVERAGE person and have it be a tool that they can use to understand and manage their social order.

SSAF participants are using this process of  "self and world awareness awakening".    Here is a short list of some of the materials we have examined and which provide the type of perspective we are discussing here regarding the obsfuscation, falsification, and manipulation of information by cultural programming systems and those who control and implement those systems.

A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
The Corporation:  The pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power by Joel Bakan
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee:  In indian History of the American West by Dee Brown
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen
Secrets, Lies, and Democracy by Noam Chomsky

Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Neil Postman

You will note that our materials are amero-centric.    Interestingly, examination of materials from other cultures exhibit the same patterns of information manipulation.    Examine the culture in which you live and verify the pattern for yourself.

Discovery of the covert ( implicit ) social architecture.    How does the social order actually function as opposed to how it is presented or appears to function?

The key to the domination of the world by
psychopathic oligarchs is that the average person spends most if not all of their lives enslaved by the cultural programming they receive.    If they ever get to the point where they can see the big picture, it takes most of their lives and even if they reach that point they don't know how to challenge the established systems of control successfully.   


Most settle for local or focused efforts that they feel are "realistic" or "attainable".    The problem is treating the symptoms is never going to cure the disease.   Fighting the oligarchs by fighting their systems of control is like fighting a person's shadow.    It wastes your energy while the person is left unscathed.


All social orders have an overt ( explicit ) architecture and a covert ( implicit ) architecture.    The overt architecture is described by the literature of the culture i.e. religious writings, political writings, educational materials, newspapers, movies, radio shows, and is reflected in the conversations of the general population.    The architecture described is always how the social architecture SHOULD BE and never describes how it actually has been implemented.     For example in the united states the overt architecture states that the population exercises control of their government through voting.   This description reinforces the concept that the government architecture is a democracy and this idea is widespread in the cultural mythology.   


The problem is that there is no universally accepted definition of democracy.   The accurate definition of the government architecture of the united states is a representative republic.    This architecture lends itself readily to corruption since the wealthy and powerful only need to compromise the representatives in order to exert control over the entire country.   One manner in which they exert this control is by making sure that the only successful political candidates are the ones who have massive amounts of campaign funds to draw upon.    These funds come from wealthy donors to whom the subsequently elected representative is then beholden.  


In this manner the voting “power” of the general population carries very little importance and very little effect.    So the proper description of the architecture of the government of the united states is oligarchic representative republic.    A republic where the elected government officials represent the interests of the wealthy class.    The recent bailout of financial institutions to the tune of over a trillion dollars is a perfect example of the covert ( implicit ) government architecture of the united states.   The elected officials used public funds and gave them to the wealthy and powerful to preserve the wealth and power of the oligarchs.    These elected officials got into office using campaign donations from these very same oligarchs.


Why is an understanding of the covert ( implicit ) architecture important?     If you do not understand how the architecture is truly designed any solutions you come up with to make changes to the architecture will be completely wrong.    You will be working to change the overt ( explicit ) architecture which does not in reality exist.  You are fighting an illusion.     This diverts your time and energy into useless efforts which cannot challenge the real system.   


Furthermore, you cannot understand the effects on you personally that the real architecture has if you cannot see it.    I.e. if  you believe the architecture of the government of the united states is designed for the benefit of the general population, you will not be able to understand or prepare for the time when the elected officials take your money and give it to the rich and powerful while you are left in distress.  The executives of the financial institutions receive hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses while the general population receives massive layoffs, lose their homes, and are left to fend for themselves.   It could not be more obvious who benefits from the architecture of the government of the united states.


All levels and all areas of the government of the united states have been compromised by the wealthy and powerful.   This situation is in no way unique in the world or in history.   What is unique is the fact that the wealthy and powerful in the united states have been able over the past 200 years to brainwash the general population into accepting the overt ( explicit ) architecture mythology as reality.     In addition the propaganda mechanisms of the wealthy and powerful ( from media to religion to educational institutions ) constantly teach that this state of affairs as not only normal but in fact beneficial to the public welfare. 


The result of seeing the covert ( implicit ) architecture of the government of the united states is that you will see the futility of “getting out the vote”.    The problem is that it brings one immediately to the realization that the much touted “freedom” in the united states is also just an illusion.    The wealthy and powerful control the country.   The general population functions inside the structures and institutions created and controlled by the wealthy and powerful.   If the general population of the united states actually wanted to exercise realistic control over their government, then the architecture of the government of the united states would have to be changed.   


The greatest trick the aristocrats ever played was to make the world think that they no longer exist by hiding behind the bright illusion of democracy.


Here is a short list of some of the materials we examined and which contributed to this view:

War is a Racket by Brigadier General Smedley D. Butler
Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest For Global Dominance by Noam Chomsky

Profit Over People:  Neoliberalism and Global Order

Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich by David Cay Johnston

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth about Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and How To Change the World by John Perkins


Examination of the manner in which an individual's cultural conditioning is being used against them.    How are the ideas and concepts of the person's worldview used by politicians, corporate advertising, religious figures, etc. to manipulate the attitudes of the individual and thereby influence or control the individual's behavior?

Cultural programming/conditioning is the set of beliefs, concepts, thought patterns, and language which a person has installed in their minds through the social systems such as religion( church ), education, and media controlled by corporations ( movies, books, magazines, television ).     Once an idea is installed in the person’s mind through one or more of these social systems, those ideas can be used to control the person’s behavior.  


The most obvious example is religion.   Children are indoctrinated into monotheistic religious systems at an early age.  The concept of “God” is installed with the associated attributes of all powerful being ever watchful.  This idea is then used by parents to control the child’s behavior with statements like “God wants you to do x or He will punish you.”     It is interesting to note that this particular manipulation technique can be used against the indoctrinated person for their entire lives unless they are able to re-program themselves and get free of the religious programming.


Less obvious are the ideas installed in people’s minds by the other social systems such as corporate media or education.   One of these concepts is the idea of “patriotism”.   Described as loyalty to the “country”, this concept does not stand up to even cursory examination.   The concept of “country” is never defined in the first place, it is assumed.   Ultimately a “country” is defined as the sphere of influence of those who control the resources and population – the wealthy and powerful.   


The concept of patriotism carries with it the idea of ownership.   For example people are taught to say “My country”.    “My” indicates ownership.   Ownership indicates control.   Yet the average citizen’s ownership consists of a tiny insignificant fraction of any material resources which could be considered as part of the “country”.   The average citizen has no control of the government or institutions of their social order.  The architecture of the government and social institutions of the united states are controlled by and represent the interests of the wealthy and powerful.   So exactly how is the statement by an average American citizen of “My country” in any way meaningful except as an example of their personality integration into the American cultural mythology?     Yet this concept of “patriotism” or loyalty to country is used by politicians, educators, religious figures, and corporate media to manipulate the general population into wars which benefit the wealthy and powerful.     Many Americans saw the reality of this situation as a result of the Vietnam war and many see it today in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.   Yet the process and methodology continues unacknowledged and unrestrained.


It is more meaningful for the wealthy and powerful who own billions of dollars of American money and assets and who control the government and institutions of the country to say “My country”.   They have significant ownership and significant control.  It would be far more accurate for the average American to say “I belong to America”   This statement accurately indicates ownership and control of the individual by the “country”.


Here is a short list of materials we have examined and which have contributed to this view:


Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Captains of Consciousness: Advertising and the Social Roots of the Consumer Culture by Stuart Ewen

Technology: The Surrender of Culture to Technology by Neil Postman

Secrets, Lies, and Democracy by Noam Chomsky


Development of a perspective that views all events and information in a holistic and comprehensive social context.

As noted above, an individual’s perspective is created through their cultural programming.   Their view of social impact is limited to the view defined by their cultural programming.    An good example of this is something that occurred right after Barak Obama was elected as president of the united states.   A white lady called in to a radio show and was expressing her concern.     She made the crux of her point by saying “ but who is going to represent the white people?”.   A perfect example of what I am trying to describe.    Her view of the impact to be considered important is limited to impact to white people.  

This type of perspective is so limiting as to be enslaving.   It prevents the person from being able to analyze events and information in a realistic manner because the perspective in their mind is not reflective of reality.    Decisions made from this perspective will be incorrect in terms of the entire social order.   Yet the person would not be able to see that.  

For example, this person may want to have their community be safe.     But their perspective could result in them supporting one of the many radical violent white supremacist groups who have publically stated that they want to assassinate Barak Obama.   If that should happen, then there will be racial violence and possibly civil war and this person’s community will not be safe.    But they will not be able to see the link between their decision and behavior and the outcome that is completely the opposite of what they say they want.

As the steps above are taken, reexamination of information provided through the cultural programming systems, discovery of the covert ( implicit ) social architecture, and examination of cultural programming, the person begins to develop a way of looking at events and information in a critical manner that requires a broader understanding of impact in light of the social reality.    From this position the person requires that the full impact of any event or information be addressed.   

For example, if slavery was in existences, and the proposal was to end slavery, then the thinking person is going to say “Fine.  Let’s say I agree with your idea.  Now, what exactly will it mean to the social order?   Hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom cannot read or write, most of whom will immediately leave where they are currently living, who have a culture that is not the same as the general population, who have no money or means to make money under the current social system.    The list goes on.   This is going to cause massive problems not the least of which is the immediate conflict between these newly freed slaves and the workforce in the general population for jobs.    This alone is going to cause more racism and put up new barriers to integrating these people into the general population as full citizens.    How exactly are you going to address these issues?   Where is your plan?  Where are the funds?   Who is going to administer your plan and who is going to be held responsible for your plan’s success or failure?  How will your plan be communicated to the general population?”     These are the questions that a person with a holistic and comprehensive perspective of the social context is going to ask.

Think about what it would mean to have an electorate in a  true democracy who can think this way.   It would be very difficult to deceive them with vague and unsupportable political promises of “more jobs” and “economic growth”.      More jobs for who?  Under what conditions?  For how long?   Doing what?  With that benefits?   Will it mean taking jobs away from someone else?  Will these “jobs” be doing something that is detrimental to the society at large and ultimately to the people doing the jobs?   

The idea here is that as the person’s understanding of the broader social context expands, their ability to think in terms of a “social good” increases also.    Of course psychopathic oligarchs ( the aristocracy ) already have this worldview.   They choose to use it to dominate, exploit, and enslave the general population of whatever region in which they find themselves.  But the average person does not get this worldview as part of their cultural programming.

Here is a short list of the materials we have examined and which contributed to this view.

A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee:  In Indian History of the American West by Dee Brown
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything your American History Textbook Got Wrong by James W. Loewen

Developing a solution and a course of action based on the holistic view rather than on any one aspect of the worldview which becomes apparent when all the information is examined and evaluated.   

 Treating the symptoms and not the disease will not be successful.

In summary, misinformation forms cultural mythology, the architecture of the social control systems is hidden behind the façade of the cultural mythology i.e. democracy, cultural programming determines what and how to think and is used against the person via mental  levers,  the resulting perspective is narrow and not holistic.  

This situation is global in scope and has existed for thousands of years.   The situation will only get worse with technological advancements and the fact that more psychopaths are being bred, more people are being infected with psychopathy, and social institutions are being further compromised by psychopaths.

What do you do with this worldview?

For a person with a perspective created by the standard cultural programming, this view is terrifying.    It means almost everything they have been told or think is wrong.   It means quite simply that the enemy is more horrific than any demonic entity conjured up by religion and that enemy is not only in control of the society but also exerting control within the individuals own mind.     The suffering happening due to this state of affairs is truly heart breaking and overwhelming.   

The response for the average person is either to turn away in fear and denial or to engage in some activity which they feel will bring relief in a particular area.     Help the poor.    Pass laws against human trafficking.  Volunteer at soup kitchens.    Write books in order to “wake up the people.”     At the individual level these efforts are to be commended and supported.    

However, while these type of “grass roots” efforts are going on the psychopathic oligarchs, using the financial resources of multinational corporations and governments around the world, the most advanced psychological manipulation techniques implemented with increasingly complex and intrusive technology,  the most powerful military the world has ever known, and the covert operatives of the CIA, NSA, FBI, as well as the economic hit men and jackals ( assassins ), are sitting in planning meetings to review the social orders on a global level, review the effectiveness of existing control methods and institutions, review any and all individuals and organizations which can or may present a challenge to the existing system, prepare contingency plans, and prepare responses to the challenges using time proven methods of inducing fear in the general population through false flag terrorist attacks, inciting conflict with opposition groups, character assassination, bribes, threats, and outright assassination.  

They have a well-defined, organized methodology for control of the general population which has been successful for thousands of years and they are able to apply the lessons learned from the past effectively.    

They control all the essential systems from electricity to fuel to water to finances to government legislation and regulation.     They are well aware that they do not need 100% control of everyone in order to control the general population.   They only need control of appr. 1 out of every 3 people.    

They use the cultural programming systems to install greed, selfishness, and individuality as the primary personality traits while perpetuating an adolescent and dependent mind set in the general population.

This is what you are up against.   

Meetings at the local church to talk about environmental issues isn’t going to challenge this type of devoted, institutionalized, and ANCIENT system of oppression.     

Getting out the vote isn’t going to change the architecture of the system.     Holding demonstrations and marching with signs isn’t going to stop these people from doing what they are doing.   

And finally, trying to manipulate the general population into performing some type of action i.e boycott a product or business, vote for a particular candidate, establishing commissions to look into events, or send money to some organization “working for social change” isn’t going to address the problem either.    

None of these efforts are exercising control over the social order and institutions.    At best these efforts “influence” those who have control.   Here I don’t mean influence in a positive way.   I mean it forces the people in control to make adjustments to their control apparatus to take into account the new situation.   It does nothing to change the underlying architecture.

To say that the “people” have power simply due to their numbers is like saying  1 million buffalo are a force to be reckoned with.     Yes that is a lot of buffalo.   A. Lot. Of. Buffalo.   Saying that you can make the buffalo run one way or another isn’t saying mush.    It doesn’t change the situation one bit.   It just means you can make the buffalo run one way or another.

Having said the above, individual effort in any positive direction is to be supported.    Remember that from the SSAF point of view, it is the individual who is the critical component of society.    Therefore any and all people engaging in positive efforts, no matter what kind, are to be supported whole heartedly.     However, the overall effect must be seen in light of the true social context.   It will be difficult for people whose cultural programming includes integration of their personality into the standard cultural mythology to deal with the concept of them being supported as people while their organization or ideology is not.   

An example of why this makes sense might help.    Take these 3 different stories about 3 soldiers who had saved civilians in combat situations.   

The first soldier had run through an artillery barrage to carry children caught in burning building to safety.   He made several trips to get all the children out while shells were exploding all around them.  

The second soldier saved the lives of an entire village where the people’s homes and fields have been destroyed by napalm bombing.   They had no food and no drinking water.    They could not leave the area due to fighting all around their village.   The soldier was able to get supplies through to the village, but had to drive through enemy fire to do so.   She was shot twice but still managed to get the supplies to the people in the village.   All the people in the village survived.    

The last soldier prevented the massacre of a group of civilians and enemy prisoners of war.    He and his unit were given orders to kill all the civilians and prisoners of war.    The soldier knew that this order was not coming from high command but was coming from a middle tier psychopathic officer.   He refused to participate and was able to get a communication out to reporters so that the situation was visible and the massacre could not occur.   However he was killed by his commanding officer for what he did.

Say the first soldier was a German soldier in Germany during WW2.   Say the second soldier was an American soldier in Vietnam.    Say the third soldier was a Russian soldier in Afghanistan.

Do you think that these soldiers are heroes?   Do you support them and what they did?    Does it matter what side they are on or what the ideology of their countries was?

There is no doubt that efforts such as these happen in every military action in the world.   And there is no doubt that any thinking person would support the action of those individuals.    And so they should.    But there is a difference between supporting the individual and supporting the organization they are part off.

At the end of the day we need to fix the problem, once and for all.    We need to stop the cycle of psychopathic domination.      To accomplish this goal what is needed is the creation, support, and maintenance of a new type of human being and a new social order in which psychopaths cannot function.    

SSAF is an organization dedicated to the creation of this type of human being and the social order which creates, supports, and maintains them.