Common World View


These elements form the basis of our worldview.


Oligarchs have ruled human society for thousands of years and are verifiable and demonstrably psychopaths.


The united states  is ruled by an oligarchy in the same matter as all nations except in the united states they use a façade of democracy and constitutional republicanism.


The oligarchy controls the government, media, military, political, religious, and educational systems through covert means ( money, positions of power and prestige, blackmail, threats, and assassination ).


The welfare of the general population is not a concern for the oligarchs except to keep the general population healthy enough, content enough, and subservient enough to produce the goods and services necessary to support and increase the wealth and power of the oligarchs.


The true cost of the oligarchic state is hidden behind layers of misinformation, propaganda, and the cultural programming of the masses ( which causes them to refuse to see anything that does not agree with their programming ).   The white house on the hill is built on the graves of the lower and middle classes.  The true cost of the oligarchic state is unending war, environmental devastation, and enslavement and exploitation of the general population.


The thoughts and desires of the general population are programmed into them through the installation of cultural programming by the religious, education, and media systems.


The cultural programming of the general population is reinforced on a daily basis by the media, religious, and political systems.


The general population is controlled by the oligarchs who leverage the mental triggers present in the installed cultural programming i.e. religion, patriotism, personality integration.


The percentage of the general population which has received inadequate or ineffective cultural programming or whose cultural programming has broken down due to heavy doses of reality, is controlled intrinsically by the programmed population ( peer pressure, threats of violence, shunning, etc. ) and systemically by the control systems ( economic, legal, law enforcement, and “covert operatives e.g. CIA” )


A population, the majority of whom neither originate nor disseminate ideas and concepts; ( on the contrary, they tend to adopt those ideas promulgated by the professional intellectual classes, the professional dealers in ideas ), which is programmed to accept ( with little, no, or ineffectual questioning), the ideas which make up the landscape of their thoughts and therefore determine their behavior, cannot and will

not take control of the social order from the oligarchs.


Social catastrophe ( war, poverty, environmental catastrophe, financial catastrophe ), enslavement ( economic and physical ), and exploitation is the recurring legacy of the oligarchic model.    The lower and middle classes always pay the price.  The upper classes always serve the oligarchs.


We agree that:


To continue to function inside the social systems as part of the social system means we are at risk and will suffer from the threats (war, poverty, financial catastrophe, economic catastrophe, environmental catastrophe, enslavement ( economic and physical ), and exploitation ) of the recurring legacy of the oligarchs just like the general population is

at risk and suffers.


To mitigate these risks, we need to work together using a framework that we unanimously agree upon.   This framework is Strategic Social Architecture.


This particular effort is focused on taking action not unending debate and analysis.   The participants either are in full agreement with the framework or they are not.    You can’t build a strong building by changing the foundation plans at every turn.  Further, architectural design is an integrated system.   You can’t pick and choose which elements to include/exclude without risking compromising the integrity of the structure.   Improvement and enhancement processes are necessary.   But vicarious and capricious change to suite individual desires rather than to achieve the strategic goals will hamstring the action oriented paradigm of our organization.  Balance must be maintained between the strategic goals and the need to leverage and incorporate

the creative energy of the participants as well as supporting a democratic principle of self determination.


Our common goals are:


Our goal is to create an organization through which we can:


Associate with and benefit from associating with people who think like us.


Work together to mitigate the risks of the threats resulting from the oligarchic social order ( war, poverty, financial catastrophe, economic catastrophe, environmental catastrophe ).


Implement a process for the support of independent and free thinking people WITHOUT overtly threatening the oligarchic state and being summarily destroyed.


Provide a sanctuary for independent and fee thinking individuals who want to exit the mainstream social order ( from a cultural perspective ).


Lay the foundations for a new social order based on democratic principles and which has built in controls to identify and neutralize psychopaths and oligarchs and oligarchy supporters.


Lay the foundations for an organization which will continue to exist and grow going forward, increasing the population of independent and free thinking individuals.