Building the mind of a citizen


Document a roadmap to get from the current state to the future state.

        Describe the process that is used in the current “educational” systems to indoctrinate and prepare individuals to function inside the social systems as slaves to the system.

        Describe the capabilities, skills, and background which the Strategic Social Architecture educational framework provides to the citizen and helps the citizen enhance and maintain throughout their lives.

        Define a process for people to start implementing the new culture today.

        Describe the immediate benefits to those who participate.

        Describe how implementation of the roadmap will cause conflict with the elite’s system of control and techniques for successfully wining those conflicts.


 “..Hence it is, that the establishment of a republican government, without well-appointed and efficient means for the universal education of the people, is the most rash and fool-hardy experiment ever tried by man. Such a Republic may grow in numbers and in wealth. As an avaricious man adds acres to his lands, so its rapacious government may increase its own darkness by annexing provinces and states to its ignorant domain. Its armies may be invincible, and its fleets may strike terror into nations on the opposite sides of the globe, at the same hour. Vast in its extent, and enriched with all the prodigality of nature, it may possess every capacity and opportunity of being great, and of doing good. But if such a Republic be devoid of intelligence Such a Republic, with all its noble capacities for beneficence, will rush with the speed of a whirlwind to an ignominious end; and all good men of after-times would be fain to weep over its downfall, did not their scorn and contempt at its folly and its wickedness, repress all sorrow for its fate. . . .”   Horace Mann, Report no. 12 of the Massachusetts School Board ( 1848)


The educational systems currently in place are designed to indoctrinate and prepare individuals to function inside the social systems as slaves to the system.     The practical goal of education is to provide business with workers.     All other considerations are subordinate to this goal. 

Therefore the text books are written by people working for businesses/corporations who have received the standard social indoctrination.   Their cultural programming is reflected in the text books and is transferred through the text books to the students.    Students understand that all information provided which does not directly relate to their ability to “get a job” is irrelevant and their attitudes reflect this understanding.  

Upon entrance into the “job market” students have only 2 choices:   work for the corporations which provide and control the majority of the money and resources in the system, or work in jobs that service the people who work in the corporations.    The entire system is based on money.     People who say “I don’t work for corporations” are the same ones whose customers are the people who DO work for corporations.   Follow the money to understand this point.  

Corporations provide and control electricity, medical care ( hospitals are incorporated ), medical supplies, the banking system, food production and distribution, transportation equipment ( all cars, trucks, etc. ), water extraction, purification, and distribution equipment, air travel, all equipment and weapons provided to the military, etc.   The educational system serves the corporations by providing workers who accept and comply with the demands of the non-democratic, tyrannical corporate institutions and the social architecture which supports the corporate system.      The educational system does NOT teach students how to effectively and successfully exercise control over their social order.  

It is understood at all levels that the wealthy and powerful control the social order.     The individual’s role is to accept the system, function within the pre-defined parameters, and work to create the goods and services which the wealthy and powerful require along with the goods and services necessary to service the enslave population.    Simply put, the general population’s role is to create wealth for the wealthy.     Wealth does not exist except in terms of human labor.   Money is worthless until someone agrees to exchange it for their productivity in the form of goods or services.

The reason the general population accepts this state of affairs is two fold.

First, they have received cultural programming which tells them that the existing system is the best possible, distorts the historical record to downplay or disparage any system which provides alternative ways of living, and teaches people to submit to authority while at the same time providing the illusion of independence and freedom.    

Second, the population is provided with just enough physical amenities i.e food, water, medical care, security, and “toys” that they are dependent on the system for sustenance and addicted to the materialism that the system programs into them. i.e. they are conditioned to want, want, want and are willing to submit to slavery in order to have what they want.   Everything costs money and the majority of the money and the majority of the resources are controlled by the wealthy and powerful.  Hence the vicious cycle.  

The most crippling psychological characteristic of this system is an perpetual adolescent individualism.    The self centered, demanding, emotional immature, unsympathetic, arrogant, consumerism which the system installs in the individual’s mind and perpetuates throughout their lives.    This creates people who are unable to work together except when they are “forced” to because they are in a structured environment like the workplace.    The same behavior they learned in school.    So their creativity, focus, ability to cooperate,  skills and abilities are harnessed for the benefit of business.    Note that people will spend long hours dedicated to their jobs bringing imagination, creativity, effective communication, hard work, commitment, and selfless devotion to the task at hand.    The minute they walk out the door of their jobs, their personal life and the social order they live in get short hours, fatigue, inhibition, ineffective communication, disorganized work, lack of commitment, and selfishness.   The best of these people is given to the business.   What is left over is what they use to “live their lives”.    Who profits?   The wealthy and powerful at an obscenely disproportionate rate.  Who pays?  The majority of the population.

Strategic Social Architecture Approach to “education”:

In Strategic Social Architecture , “education” is the development of understanding of information relative to the social context and the acquisition of skill to apply the information in an effective manner, not temporary memorization of canned information.   It is expected that the citizen will use the skills they develop to create lives for themselves which are of high quality and a social order of high quality.    These are the goals of the Strategic Social Architecture education.  Not creation of wealth for others but the creation of quality lives where quality is defined as having positive and productive interpersonal relationships and having basic needs provided for.   This creates the foundation upon which the citizen can rise to achieve personal advancement, but in a social context that does not involve advancement of an individual at the expense of and through the exploitation of others.

This quality of life is established and maintained through the effective management of the social order.  Therefore the primary focus where the person applies their best “work” is  managing and maintaining the social order.    Their creativity, focus, ability to cooperate,  skills and abilities are harnessed for the benefit of everyone in the society.    People will spend long hours dedicated to their social jobs bringing imagination, creativity, effective communication, hard work, commitment, and selfless devotion to the task at hand.    The minute they walk out the door of their jobs they get the benefit of their hard work at a rate proportional to their efforts.   The best of these people is given to the society and supports their ability to “live their lives”.    Who profits?  Everyone.  Who pays?  Everyone.

The fact is that the educational system of any society is a cultural programming system.   The question is just what programming the people are getting.    The purpose of cultural conditioning must be to ensure that the population has the self awareness, personal control, and understanding to prevent the social system from being infiltrated and taken over by psychopaths.  

Cultural programming creates a perspective in the individual’s mind.  In any society individual perception over time becomes social reality.  This is the logical realization of the “intent in the design” of the society.  What the people THINK determines how they ACT which determines the SOCIAL REALITY.   In Strategic Social Architecture, the idea is to take control of this natural behavior so that there is a feedback loop giving the individual control rather than being controlled by the “invisible hand.”  In Strategic Social Architecture, the people THINK for themselves, ACT based on their own initiative and understanding, and create an intentional SOCIAL REALITY.

Individual social conditioning must occur as part of a cohesive framework which encompasses a common language and belief system.    Without it individuals cannot communicate or work together.  Language is a shared understanding of symbols and meaning.  

All social orders have a framework, whether or not it is explicitly defined.  In fact most social orders have an explicit definition which is specifically crafted to hide the real or implicit framework  i.e. “Freedom and justice for all.”  In 1776 that means freedom and justice unless you are a slave, a woman, or non-white.  What was said and what was meant (and implemented) are 2 different things.    Freedom is a concept inside a framework and is constrained/bounded by the framework i.e. your “freedoms” are those afforded you by the government and those in power.

“Freedom” must be based on a standard set of social programming.  Allowing dysfunctional and dangerous individuals (psychopaths) to develop is unacceptable.  Psychopaths are not “free” to develop in the new social order. 

Strategic Social Architecture provide an educational framework where the individual gains the understanding of their cultural programming and is able to take control of it.

Monitoring and maintaining the social order is the responsibility of every citizen.

In all social orders today, administration of the society is done primarily by a small subset of the population.  This plays neatly into the hands of the oligarchs and the upper class.     The majority of the population is kept busy “trying to make ends meet” and being “entertained” rather than attending to the business of state.

Example:  What would it actually take to exercise political power (through voting) in the united states based on the system as advertised?

1.    Research all candidates.  Find out what they have written (themselves, not speech writers), what their education is, background, financial status, stock holdings, interests in or connections to industry and government agencies both US and foreign, request and read character references from people who have lived and worked with the candidates, require each candidate to address any remaining questions you may have in writing and in their own hand.  Do NOT rely on media (TV, newspapers, etc.) for information because that information has a hidden agenda i.e. they want to make money.  Further, media information is prepared by candidates and their associates and is not intended to represent fair and accurate information for you to base decisions on.  So you cannot trust it, but you can use it to get an idea of whether the candidate is trying to deceive you by comparing the media information to the research you have done on the candidate.


2.    Analyze all the information you have gathered on each candidate.  Decide if what the candidate is saying as part of their campaign is in keeping with what you have found out about them. i.e. if they are a major stock holder in a company or industry, why would they espouse legislation what would cause that company or industry to lose money?  Doesn’t make sense.


3.    Decide on the candidate.  When deciding on the candidate, make a list of the things you are expecting this candidate to do on your behalf.


4.    Vote.  Verify your vote.  Make sure your vote is applied to the candidate you selected. (There no way to do this by the way.)


5.    If your candidate wins, begin monitoring them.  It is your responsibility to make sure the candidate is doing the job you selected them to do.   Document all the legislation and government activity they are engaged in.  Using your list of things you are expecting them to do on your behalf, check that they are actually doing those things.   Monitor them to make sure they are not acting contrary to your interests or acting in any way illegally.  Monitor all their connections and interests.


6.    Congratulations!  You are exercising your right to select and control your government! 


Montoring and maintaining the social order requires a commitment of time and energy.

Hours out of every day must be spent administering the social order.

Monitoring the administration machinery.

Participating in administering the society.

Monitoring social indicators to determine if the society is functioning according to plan.

This type of social participation cannot be allowed in an oligarchy unless the results of this type of activity HAVE NO EFFECT ON THE SYSTEM i.e. it doesn’t matter who gets voted into office as long as they leave the system intact.

In Strategic Social Architecture, the citizenry will demand (by force if necessary) that social decisions they have made (and have been passed into the administrative machinery) are implemented.  There could be no better description of democracy.

In Strategic Social Architecture every citizen will participate.  This participation will be part of their cultural programming and they will receive all the training necessary as part of their education.

The advantage we have is that this social order will be implemented “by intent.”  Not by conscription.    

Anti-social behavior i.e. not participating, will result in social condemnation and exile.  In the new society Oligarchs and slackers both will be outcasts and cast out.

Cultural Programming for new social order

Purpose of cultural programming: To generate highly educated, self aware, citizens who have the training and means to personally maintain their social order and the ability to use force to prevent psychopathic people or institutions from harming the citizens.

Overview of the capabilities which the cultural programming provides to each individual.

Rational thought.     I.e. Analytical thinking. ( Scientific method ).     Critical thinking.   Solution oriented thinking and acting.

Cooperative behavior.  How to work together to achieve goals both personally and as part of a group. How to form and lead groups.

Communication.  How to effectively communicate.   Written, verbal, and non-verbal communication training.   How to listen.  How to detect deception i.e. using Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit.

Self awareness and responsibility for personal programming.    Free will isn’t free.  An individual who is not self aware cannot make a free decision.

Background and understanding of the history of social control mechanisms i.e. religion, nationalism, capitalism, manufacturing consent, manufacturing a “working class”, etc.   How cultural “brainwashing” and “programming” work.

Background and understanding of the history of wealth which is created by exploitation, theft, murder, genocide.   Capitalism is just the most modern and successful mechanism for generating wealth and maintaining power for the oligarchs.  All mechanisms must be examined.

Emotional management.      Emotional response.   Techniques for managing it.  Techniques to detect and counter being emotionally manipulated.

Monitoring for psychopaths at the personal and social level.  How to identify and neutralize psychopaths.

Reproduction.   The reproductive cycle, how the female reproductive system works, how the male reproductive system works, sexuality ( the physical components - this includes what it is, how it works, and what to do i.e. techniques for pleasing yourself, techniques for pleasing your partner ), sensuality ( the non-physical components), birth control, child rearing - creating new individuals to participate in the social order.   This is a social responsibility.   How is this done and how is it supported by the social order?    How has this been exploited  by the various social control mechanisms in other societies?

Use of force: Conditioning the individual so that their ability to use violence is channeled into avenues which protect and maintain society.   This is all about the proper use of violence and the assertion that everyone has the right to use force in keeping with the principles of the social order.      Training in the concept of the balance of power and the predator to prey relationship.    A defined code will provide the basis for this conditioning.  

Baseline training curriculum





Rational Thought





Critical Thinking


Solution Oriented Thinking









Self Awareness



Understanding of personal cultural programming


Emotional management


Sexual/reproductive management


Understanding of basic psychology

Physical Training



Nutrition and food preparation


Strength training


Endurance/stamina training

Social Skills





Medical training


Social Engineering


Civil Engineering


Electrical Engineering


Chemical Engineering






Metal working

Use of force



Understanding of physical violence and it’s affect on individuals and the social order


Personal defense training

Social Awareness



Background and understanding of the history of social evolution


Background and understanding of the history of politics


Background and understanding of the history of wealth


Background and understanding of the history of social control mechanisms


Understanding of the psychology of socio/psychopaths

Spiritual Training



Background and understanding of the history of religion


Spiritual search and awakening


Establishment of spiritual identity.








Final state

          All these capabilities are integrated into and practiced, reinforced, refined, and realized through the social framework i.e our culture.  These capabilities by themselves, as a subset, and/or outside of the social framework do not and cannot represent the realization of a whole “citizen”.   A citizen uses and applies these capabilities as a participant in the social order.

          Child rearing in the new social order is defined as the manner and process through which a new human being acquires all these capabilities.  The final step is a “self assessment and evaluation” process where the individual takes reviews all the cultural programming they have received, takes conscious control and responsibility for themselves, and makes a conscious decision to join and participate in our society.  This is our “coming of age”.