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Corrupt and psychopathic oligarchies

There are many facets to existing social systems but the common element is the control of the many by a small percentage of the population. It is important to understand the architecture and methods used to create and maintain this type of control. Here are several models and articles describing the architecture and the methods of control.  

It is my contention that human society is under the control of a small percentage of the population and that this small percentage are psychopaths.       The result of the actions of these people and their systems of exploitation, manipulation, and abuse have placed the human species on a collision course with extinction.       The root cause of all the social threats we face, both individually and as a species, can be traced back to this one source.  Whether war, pandemic, poverty, genocide, exhaustion of resources, extinction of species or pollution, all are the predictable consequences of the activities of this group.

At the global level it is my belief that if we continue business as usual we will die as a species.

At the personal level it is my belief that if we continue business as usual we have ahead of us a future of horror that is almost unimaginable.    All the horrors of the past and present multiplied a hundred times by the effects of technology.   If you are not terrified, then you don’t have any idea of what is going on or what is coming.

Key Concepts:  Human society is currently based on model of oligarchy (rule by a few)  The general population is controlled by installation of cultural programming which is then leveraged/manipulated by the psychopathic oligarchy through social control systems i.e. religion, media, political, military and police.  Primary control levers used by the psychopathic oligarchy to maintain control are fear, greed, and exploitation of installed personality integration programming ( personal identity integrated with the existing social cultural mythology ).  The general population does not have the training, time, or inclination to see what is really going on.  

In the simple model of oligarchy, the oligarchs use violence and threats of violence, usually administered by the police ad military. However, there are logic limits to this type of control, population size and geopgraphic distribution being the most significant. Therefore, as Howard Zinn states in his book "A People's History of the United States":  "Control in modern times requires more than force, more than law. It requires that a population dangerously concentrated in cities and factories, whose lives are filled with cause for rebellion, be taught that all is right as it is. And so, the schools, the churches, the popular literature taught that to be rich was a sign of superiority, to be poor a sign of personal failure, and that only way upward for a poor person was to climb into the ranks of the rich by extraordinary effort and extraordinary luck.

Let me point out once again that a main premise of my world view is that manipulation of anyone's mind is completely unacceptable.   So "getting people to see your point of view," or "bringing people around," or "influencing people" are, in my opinion, forms of manipulation.   My approach is to find people who have done their own research and analysis and as a result have arrived at a similar worldview.   This is why the material on the website is written from a presentation perspective and does not try in any way to "change people's minds." Please note: We are not trying to convince anybody of anything.  We are trying to find the people who already have reached these conclusions and want to band together and work together to our mutual benefit.

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