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The enemy among us

This website presents the idea that the root cause of social problems is the presence of psychopaths in the human population. People with a certain set of characteristics cause conflict and destruction in human society.

These people are by nature deceptive and are able to hide in the general population. These people are adept at gaining power over other peole and groups of people. The set of characteristics and behaviors which these people have and perform includes the set currently defined by medical science to describe psychopathy/sociopathy. These people can infect other people with these characteristics and behaviors. How can we identify these people? How do we protect ourselves and our families from a social framework and context dominated by psychopaths in positions of power? What does a society look like that does not allow psychopaths to gain positions of power? How do we build such a society? Those are questions we are seeking to answer. If you have similar views and questions then this site is for you.

Purpose and Goal

My purpose in creating the website was to present these concepts in a holistic and comprehensive manner in order to communicate with people who have arrived at similar conclusions.   Ultimately my goal is described in the mission statement: To create “…an organization that provides a mechanism for people to realize the vision of an intentional egalitarian society where the development and support of citizens with high moral, ethical, and social standards is the sole mission of the social order.”

Let me point out that a main premise of our world view is that manipulation of anyone's mind is completely unacceptable.    So "getting people to see your point of view," or "bringing people around," or " influencing people" are, in our opinion, forms of manipulation.   Our approach is to find people who have done their own research and analysis and as a result have arrived at a similar worldview.   This is why the material on the website is written from a presentation perspective and does not try in any way to "change people's minds."  Please note: We are not trying to convince anybody of anything.  We are trying to find the people who already have reached these conclusions and want to band together and work together to our mutual benefit.

Those not controlled by cultural programing need a way to work together

People who are independent thinkers need to be able to work together to achieve common goals which address the social problems from a long term strategic, medium/short term personal perspective. These goals are the result of personal evaluation of the social environment and associated issues. However, we cannot address the issues unless we understand how the situation came into being, how it is maintained, and how it is propagated. Independent thinkers are those for home the cultural programming does not work. Once that occurs on an consistent basis the person can only avoid the problem through denial or to begin thinking in terms and ideas that are not part of the cultural programming. This site is for those type of people.

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